We are nicely tipsy right now, yes, tipsy enough to use the royal we (or maybe just getting distracted by this episode of Longmire that’s on. And can I just say-


(Seriously you guys it is sooo good. I am the last person you’d expect to get into a Western but it hooked me.))

Er. Where was I? Oh yeah. The drinking and the writing and the Friday night when you find out on your first day at a new job that it’s also your last day, because the people in charge are a bunch of fuckups. But it’s absolutely fine because I am the Real and they were all Jabronis.

Now home, and thinking about the next Terrible Minds challenge, and how I’m probably gonna write it in present tense AGAIN, because that’s how I do. I’m sure that some people are going “Oh, she’s aping Chuck Wendig’s style.” No. Chuck is one of a kind. I wouldn’t dream of trying to copy him. Also I cannot grow a beard, much less a beard of FACEBEES.

The truth is, I wrote in present tense back when I did fanfic, and found it to be much more to my liking than past tense. And when I discovered Chuck’s fiction, it was like “OMG! SOMEONE ELSE WHO WRITES THIS WAY!” It was like finding a kindred spirit.

If my character’s heart gets broken in a story, I want you to be just as surprised and wrecked as the character is. I want you to hear the crack of those ventricles ripping apart and feel like it’s happening to you. I cannot do that in past tense. Past tense is a history report. Present tense is fresh and raw. And that’s why I do it.

So. Back to work. This gin and tonic isn’t gonna drink itself, you know.


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