Apologies and an Introduction (Character creation challenge)

So it’s been quiet here of late, but that’s because I was travelling! My BFF/adopted sister lives in Sal Tlay Ka Siti* and my summer visit was long overdue. Now I’m back, there’s a new writing challenge, and…yeah. This week I give you 250 words about a character that other TerribleMinds people can borrow next week to play with.

This was a hard decision. I have two. One is more fully fleshed out than the other, BUT he’s already in a story that I’ve got in progress and honestly he feels a little personal to me, so instead I’m gonna give you someone who might, someday, appear in a bigger story of mine (if I ever get the chops to actually WRITE the thing.)

*For those of you who haven’t seen/heard “The Book of Mormon” or said this out loud, it’s Salt Lake City, aka the love child of Corvallis and Seattle with a pinch of Boston-during-construction-season.

Character name: Jafrow Kitt

Formerly a resident of the Human colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy. Always on the run.
A scavenger, a thief, a MacGyver-ish engineer, a snake-oil peddler.
A charmer with a permanent smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.
Average human-appearing, with one small exception.He’s kind of amoral. Always looking out for number one, never wears the same alias twice.
He’s got a rap sheet longer than your arm, but is he really the criminal he seems to be?
Or is he just careless?
He’s on the run, but from what?
And who will get trampled in his mad scramble towards freedom?


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