Cry Havoc, And Let Slip the Werebeavers of War

If you’ve not been watching Grimm, well, I’m sorry. You’re missing out on something unique and far more Portland than fucking Portlandia. Also, Grimm contains 100% less Fred Armisen.

If you have been watching, and you have NOT seen the Season 4 finale, turn back now because ooh boy are there spoilers.

So. “Cry Havoc.” In which the accidental Hexenbiest comes to a bloody end along with a good chunk of the Royal Family.

Now there’s an article about how Juliette was basically victimised by the entire Wesen world, and how even as she was going around raising hell as a newly minted Wesen the Grimm gang should have been kinder to her.

Firstly – they TRIED. She threw it back in their faces. She vacillated, as one would, between wanting to go back to her old life and wanting to accept her new life. They took that wanting as being a cry for help,  and help was offered. But by the time they had something real they could do, she didn’t want the help anymore.She just wanted to break shit. She picks fights with strangers in bars. She stalks Adalind and attacks Rosalee. She sets Nick’s trailer on fire.

Plus, let’s not forget the fact that barely a season before, Nick was stripped of his Grimm powers by Adalind when she used magic to disguise herself as Juliette and raped Nick. Yeah. I’m using that word because what the fuck else would you call it when you coerce someone into sex? And Juliette doesn’t show him one fucking bit of compassion then. She actually blames him, acts like he cheated on her.

And when she’s over that(we never find out if Nick is over it, he has no room for his feelings in this house), she can’t keep it a secret that she loves having “a normal boyfriend.” She wants to put all the Wesen and Grimm stuff behind her, and for him to do the same. Except that’s not how it works. Now that the big bads know the local Grimm is powerless, they come after him and everyone close to him.

So then she HAS to do the ritual to get Nick his powers back, but at first she refuses. And Nick is like, bummed, but he’s a fighter and he’s still got some of those funky side effects from the Cracher-mortel poison back in the day, so he thinks he can do this even without powers. Because Trubel, his protege, is there – so now he’s not completely screwed.

But then the Wesenrein(the Wesen version of the KKK) start attacking, and Juliette realises that as long as she’s with Nick, this shit will never EVER stop and it’s actually rather a lot worse now. So she resigns herself and does the spell.

And then she woges.

And Henrietta, the local expert on all things Hexenbiest – has a spell to tell Juliette her true nature….and judging by the hole the potion makes in the desk, and the floor, and the subsequent floors below them, it would appear that Juliette was always a Hexenbiest underneath. And that’s when she starts to turn. She embraces her monster and takes her friends’ confusion and distress as rejection and betrayal. She sees Nick as being weak and scared. And then she finds out Adalind is pregnant from that night with Nick. In her mind, that’s Nick choosing Adalind over her. Never mind that Nick had no choice in that situation, never mind that he’s only not flaying Adalind with a lemon zester because she’s carrying his child, and he has some fucking ethics about pregnant women (how dare he!)

Juliette knew Nick would never stop trying to cure her, and she also knew that she would never let him do it.

She knew that one of them would have to die in order for it to end.

And he knew too, because Henrietta had said, when a Hexenbiest is coming into her powers, your only choices are get out of her way or kill her.

Juliette claimed not to have known the Royals would kill Nick’s mother, Kelly, when she came back. But she also knew she could have escaped on the helicopter. (Though perhaps Diana would have had Meisnser throw her out too – who knows?) She could have run away. But she came back.

Juliette knew she was going to either die or kill Nick that night. But her final words – I think she was hoping he’d kill her. Her suppressed humanity came back as she came down the stairs and saw Diana, saw Kenneth covered in Kelly’s blood, and his shameless glee, and she shuts down. Through the scenes with Kenneth, with Frederick and Diana, she is unnaturally reserved and quiet as her conscience gnaws at her.

But it’s too late, too damn late, and when she goes home to face the music, she finds out that Nick is done. He doesn’t have it in him to kill her – he tries, but he can’t bring himself to finish it – and he tells her to go. He surrenders. And she doesn’t take the surrender. She stands over him, she woges, and says “Goodbye, Nick.”

And then Trubel shoots her with the doppel-armbrust loaded with Siegbarste Gift…the stuff that kills ogres.

Suddenly the Hexenbiest is gone and it’s just Juliette, fragile and mortal and afraid, and Nick holds her as she dies. As angry as he is, he can’t let her die alone on the floor.

Do I think Juliette set the trap on purpose in order to get Nick to kill her? That would depend on how much else she knew, I suppose – did she know Trubel was back, too? (She seemed pretty damn surprised to see Trubel.)

I think Kelly knew it was a trap and told the Resistance to be ready to collect Diana. I think she must have told Diana that the King was a bad man.

And I think Juliette knew that, even if she killed Nick, there would be others coming after her. That the only thing worse than having the Wesen world against her was having Grimms against her.

I think Juliette knew she was never going to be able to live with her Hexenbiest self. She wasn’t strong enough. In her mind, surrounded by Wesen and policemen and Grimms, she was the weak little human who couldn’t cope.

It’s a shame she never figured out that the strength she needed wasn’t telekenesis, but compassion.

Because maybe she would have been able to show it when Nick needed it. And maybe she would have been able to see it when Nick and her friends offered it. And maybe that would have been enough to slay the monster inside.

But we’ll never know, because when you live for revenge, you tend to die for it too.



One thought on “Cry Havoc, And Let Slip the Werebeavers of War

  1. I had to stop reading because I haven’t watched Grimm. But now, I want to. Anything that causes the phrase “Let slip the werebeavers of war” into existence has to be worth my time.


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